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Online Wednesday Service

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Online Wednesday Service

Online Church

Online Church is our virtual church extension , which reaches thousands from all around the world, beyond the walls of the mother church

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Inside CELVZ

The Lord has called us to do big things for Him and His Kingdom, and we want to do them together with you.

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Our Vision

It's more than a church, it's God's Vision

Christ Embassy is not just a local assembly; it’s a vision. The Lord has called us to fulfill a very definite purpose, which is to take His divine presence to the peoples and nations of the world, and to demonstrate the character of His Spirit everywhere. When you worship with us, you learn more than just the letters of the Word; you’re imparted with and impacted by the Spirit of the Word. As we share God’s Word, it takes root in you, and you become exactly what the Lord wants you to be. The Holy Spirit gets a hold of your life, and His vision becomes real to you and in your life.
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Get Involved

In these activities for your spiritual growth.


Our care groups help us locate you and grow spiritually. Here, you’ll be able to join a group of like-minded .

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The Foundation School is a place where you’re taught the basic doctrines of Christ and equipped

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It's designed to create a pool of opportunities for Career Development and Business Promotion.

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