Care Group

we give lives a meaning, and we build a happier world with the love of Christ.

Who we are

Its more than a church, its God's Vision.

The cell/care group is the smallest unit in a structure, where we can get to know you personally. In a large ministry like ours, our care groups help us locate you and grow spiritually. Here, you’ll be able to join a group of like-minded Christians in your locale, age group or profession to help your spiritual growth and development. Click Here to join a Cell NOW!

In the care group system, we have friendship circles- a group; the smallest unit in the Care Ministry. It is a place where a group of at least 2 friends, carry out Care Group activities on a weekly basis. The no 1 benefit is that you are counted as a vital part of the army of God. The Pastor can pray for you personally, you have people with which you can fellowship with and you have friends with whom you can serve God together.

Our Care Groups

S/N Senior Care Group Care Group