Parah Initaitive

we give lives a meaning, and we build a happier world with the love of Christ.

PARAH INITIATIVE is designed to create a pool of opportunities for Career Development and Business Promotion. The platform has been set to provide an enabling environment for Self-development, Self-Empowerment and Self Actualization through its Business Promotion, Networking and training, mentoring, funding and Job placement programs.


  • To create a platform that will enhance Business Promotion, Networking, Opportunities, Sales and Distribution of Goods and Services.
  • To encourage productivity, creativity and self-reliance culture.
  • To train and mentor individuals on Management and Entrepreneurship skills.
  • To build a team of Mentors and Leaders consisting of owners of established and well-structured Businesses and those with proven integrity; who will mentor young Businesses.
  • To provide a platform for the acquisition of soft Skills and other vocational training.
  • To provide information on job openings and prepare qualified candidates who wish to take advantage of the opportunity.
  • To provide Funding solutions for startups, Business growth, expansion, and partnership.
  • To train young people on Leadership Skills

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